Merus Power Products

PSS is the U.S. distribution partner for Merus Power power quality product lines. Equipment solutions sold, commissioned and maintained include static VAR compensators, energy storage systems, STATCOM and active harmonic filters.

Contact PSS at or 501.358.6840 to discuss how we can fulfill your power system or Merus Power product needs.

Static VAR compensators
  • Voltage variation control

  • Flicker mitigation

  • Dynamic reactive power control

  • Power factor improvement

  • Harmonic current mitigation

  • Load balancing

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Energy storage systems
  • Peak shaving

  • Ramp rate management

  • Power dispatch management

  • Spinning reserve

  • Voltage and frequency control

  • Power flow optimization

  • System stability improvement

  • Voltage control

  • Energy management for alternative sources

  • Black start functionality

  • Power quality compliance

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  • Dynamic reactive power compensation

  • Flicker mitigation

  • Effective reduction of voltage fluctuations

  • Active harmonic filtering

  • Load balancing

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Active harmonic filters
  • Active harmonic filtering

  • Power factor correction

  • Voltage variation control and flicker mitigation

  • Load balancing in three-phase systems

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