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As a corporation which embraces a diverse blend of power system problems and projects, our success is anchored on a common denominator: analytical studies and/or metered profiles of the power system are first conducted to benchmark existing site conditions, analyze system anomalies and provide a basis for design recommendations.

Analytical review of power system integrity was historically conducted via tedious hand calculations. Computer modeling now facilitates the algebra required of large matrices, allowing many simultaneous equations at minimal cost. The modeling of power exchange under normal or adverse conditions is done within load flow and short circuit studies. A coordination study prescribes protective device characteristics and settings.

System modeling is a proven tool for achieving an optimum balance of protection, stability and integrity within power systems.

PSS uses ETAP advanced software by Operation Technologies to model AC and DC power systems. ETAP Star device protection and coordination program provides an intuitive and logical approach to time-overcurrent analysis. Star’s sequence-of-operation evaluates, verifies and confirms the operation and selectivity of the protective devices for various types of fault for any location right from the system one-line diagram. ETAP Short Circuit and Load Flow modules allow the PSS analyst to calculate available fault currents and review loading profiles within the power system. Arc Flash Analysis is performed to ensure client compliance with NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584 national standards.

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