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Power Factor Correction

Power System Solutions offers premium value products for PFC and PQ improvements. Improving power factor not only saves on utility power costs, but also improves many economies in overall plant efficiency. 


Power factor is the ratio of active power to apparent power: KW to KVA. Certain A-C electric equipment requires power lines to carry more current than is actually needed within your facility, resulting in a poor power factor and penalties by the servicing utility.


The biggest impact on power factor is inductive loads. This includes induction motors, welders, furnaces and rectifiers. In addition to raising the cost of your power bill, low power factor has other negative effects. Low power factor indicates that a large amount of reactive current is being drawn through the plants electrical system. This causes overheating of conductors and transformers while also contributing to low voltage problems.


More and more utilities are penalizing customers with power factors below 95%. A KVA demand charge or other penalty charge is often included in the rate schedule.


There are several benefits to

improving your power factor.

These include:


  • Saves money within your
    power bills

  • Reduces the lagging component
    of the circuit current, which
    reduces the overall current in
    the system

  • Reduces I2R power loss in the system because of reduction in the circuit current

  • Reduces I2X losses in the system because of reduced current

  • Power system voltage regulation is improved

  • Decreases KVA loading, which releases power system capacity for additional load growth

  • Reduces investment in the system facilities per kilowatt of load supplied


Contact Power System Solutions for a power system power quality study to determine your present power factor and harmonic levels. We will calculate the savings to be realized, size and specify the capacitor bank equipment, and calculate project ROI (pay back duration).


If the project receives approval, Power System Solutions will design the complete system, furnish the equipment and either supervise or perform project installation and start-up. We are a total solution to improving the efficiency of our clients' power system while improving upon operational reliability and stability. Call us now at
(501) 327-6456.

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